Instructor Led

Teradata DBA

* Exclusive Course for Teradata DBA
* 10 Instructor led Sessions, one session per day
* 24 X 7 Support even after training completion
* Free Placement Assistance , Resume Building and Mock Interviews

Why Teradata DBA course must be different then Teradata Development ?

Teradata Developers and DBA both has a different role to play in any projects. If you want to build your career in DBA profile then we highly recommend to get trained as DBA from the starting of course and that require fine level details and mindset of an administrator. We at myTechEntity has a different course for Teradata Development and Teradata DBA profile to benefit our participants. If you are unsure about which course is best for you, we encourage to get in touch with us.

About The Course

In the current data driven market Teradata is the preferred choice to perform data analytics. With so much demand in Teradata, it’s but obvious that demand of Teradata DBA is on all time high. This Teradata DBA online course will introduce participants with the advanced concepts of Teradata from DBA prospective. In Teradata DBA course we focus more on the day to day activities which DBA is expected to perform in real life projects.


Who should go for this course?

The following professionals can go for this course:
1. Data Analytics professionals
2. Oracle/DB2/SQL Server or any other Database DBA’s or Admins
3. Teradata Developers who want to shift to Teradata DBA profile.
4. BI/ETL/DW Professionals
5. Mainframe developers and Architects
6. Any other professional who are looking to move to DBA profile.

Key Points about our Training Program

  • Dedicated course to learn Teradata DBA only, which is much more advanced then Teradata Development.
  • Examples used are from real life project scenarios.
  • Sessions are full hands-on and practical.
  • Download and installation of Teradata database and Viewpoint for practicals and hands on.
  • Very Interactive sessions with best audio and screen sharing.
  • Get 24 X 7 support even after training completion.
  • Each participant gets unique LMS where training material and recordings will be uploaded.
  • Free placement assistance and resume building.


How to register ?

  1. Click on the button – Take This Course on top right-hand side.
  2. It will redirect you to the registration form, you don’t need to pay fees immediately.
  3. Once you filled the registration form and submit your details, our team will contact you and guide you to next steps.



Teradata Basic and SQL knowledge are expected from the participants. If you are new to Teradata then we recommend visiting Teradata Development course as well.